#067 – Jim O’Hara – Major Market is a MINDSET, not a ZIP CODE!

When it comes to radio today, few define ‘local’ success more than Jim O’Hara!  He’s currently the SVP/Programming of I-Heart’s cluster in Davenport IA, and the award-winning PD and midday host for Country legend WLLR.  But that’s just scratching the surface.


After 5 years programming the market’s ORIGINAL Top 40 and AOR combo, KSTT and 97X, he moved to crosstown WOC-AM, and KIIK104.5, where he served in numerous capacities for various owners, including General Manager, prior to I-Heart’s taking over and creating the seven-station Quad Cities Radio Group.


Among his many awards, Jim has been named Billboard PD of the Year, one of Radio Ink’s Best 100 Programmers, and his WLLR was named Station of the Year by the Country Music Association.  In his ‘spare time’, he also does voiceover work, and in this episode you’ll hear why! 


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(2:43) What’s the one thing that has kept Jim challenged excited while making one market ‘home” for decades?

(4:28) Some of the common things that make some stations and clusters WINNERS, while others struggle.

(5:45) The overlooked skill that is now FINALLY critical to radio people, too.

(7:30) The biggest change in dynamics for future programming success?

(9:32) Why effective INTERNAL communication can help you keep your job, and how best to do it.


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