070 – The Legacy of Nick Michaels (1951-2018)

Memorial Day weekend brought news of the passing of another kind of veteran.  A veteran of the radio wars.

Celebrated voice talent and imaging conceptualist NICK MICHAELS passed away unexpectedly due to a massive heart attack.

Nick was a passionate media thought leader and innovator, who saw where much of the radio industry has headed, without ever losing his ever-evolving vision for what the audio experience could be.

This retrospective offers both his previous comments and insights on the state of radio — and what it CAN be.   Also included: some of Nick’s finest audio examples of that philosophy in practice.

There are many very good posts and tributes to Nick’s work which can be found on the internet.   Perhaps one of the most salient was a blog post by fellow Brandwidth On Demand guest Fred Jacobs.  Please see Fred’s reflections in the show notes.