#073 – BOLD Radio Still Wins – Vince Benedetto – CEO, BOLD GOLD MEDIA

Vince Benedetto is the president and CEO of the Bold Gold Media Group, which owns nine full-power stations and six FM translators.in Pennsylvania’s Catskill Mountains, Pocono Lake Region, and Wilkes Barre-Scranton. Before radio, Vince was appointed to the Air Force Academy, and earned his “Jump Wings” for completing Air Force jump school. He did five freefalls and was commissioned as an officer. Realizing the importance of media dominance beyone radio, Vince is noted as a leader in understanding the power, beyond brand-building, of online platforms help station brands carve out a larger share of digital ad revenue. He has also spearheaded the The Bold Gold Broadcast and Media Foundation ─ a not-for-profit, organization with a mission of supporting the education and training of tomorrow’s broadcast and media leaders.

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(1:40) The operating slogan that makes BOLD GOLD MEDIA one of the best examples of BRANDWIDTH in action and how this approach is helping move BOLD GOLD to the top of America’s GREAT OPERATORS list.

 (2:35) Why the ‘Golden Age’ of audio is RIGHT NOW, for those with the mindset to appreciate it.

 (4:15) The biggest advantages of being a GROWING COMPANY, rather that one of the giants.

(6:07) Why reading a resume is one of the LAST things Vince does when reviewing applications for future team members.

(11:21) A CEO’s advice to YOU for making a radio career far more REWARDING.  (Spoiler alert:  the more BOLD you are, the more GOLD you can accumulate!)


Complete show notes: