#083 – From Stand Up to Radio Road Rage Relief – Chris Baker, KFAB, Omaha

Chris Baker started coming to Omaha as a comic in the early 90’s working at The Funny Bone Comedy Club. The great audiences and experiences quickly made Omaha his favorite stop on tour. After Talk Radio stints in Miami, Kansas City, Houston, and Minneapolis his dream opportunity opened up at Omaha’s regional powerhouse KFAB. During his afternoon drive show, Chris likes to mix the serious with the absurd or as he “… a mix of the salt and the sugar” sometimes known as “Road Range Relief”

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(2:00) Lessons learned in the transition from full-time comedy to radio. 

(3:15) Things to look for to make SURE you’ve found the right radio ‘home’, and how to keep it that way! 

(5:35) Chris shares important advice for any radio person who’d like to take their ‘show’ on stage. 

(7:44) “Get-R-Done” with another prominent Nebraskan who also practices both comedy and radio. 

(11:41) Ways to define, polish and make the most of the ONLY thing an on-air performer can ever REALLY control.


complete show notes: