In POD we MUST. Guest: Steve Goldstein, Founder & CEO, Amplifi Media

Steve Goldstein is a recognized leader in audio programming, marketing, and management. As the Founder/CEO of Amplifi Media; an audio innovation firm that offers services such as counseling, production, and marketing of podcasts, Steve serves as an advisor to many companies such as ABC News, NBC Television, Skyview Networks, and Dave Ramsey Media. Steve is a recognized leader in audio programming, marketing, and management, who regularly speaks at major conferences including RAIN Summits, Podcast Movement. The Worldwide Radio Summit, and the recent Talk Show Boot Camp (where we ‘borrowed’ the title of this episode).

Steve gives regular advice on how to improve monetizing audio content on Blogstein, Amplifi Media’s Blog.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

(2:10) Steve delves into the reasons (or excuses) why MORE broadcasters haven’t embraced podcasting as a way to expand listener access and ad dollars.

(3:09) One broadcaster recently reached a milestone with over a BILLION downloads. We hear who it was, what makes their brand special, and how the podcast brings in a different audience than the radio show. Most importantly, Steve outlines what local radio learn from this success 

(4:45) Noting that FACEBOOK has been reluctant to post audio, but being forced to consider it, especially with the arrival of the ‘real time’ interactive CLUBHOUSE app, Steve shares how do he anticipates legacy platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may respond.

(7:01) We’ve heard a lot about the 2 million podcast titles currently available. But Steve recently noted that the number of ACTIVE podcasts is a bit smaller. Steve shares what he’s seeing in current numbers and what trends he sees emerging for radio pods.

 (9:41) For the stations that have not yet gotten the memo on the power of podcasting for ratings and revenue, Steve offers some thoughts on how they can start.

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