Musicmaster’s JOE KNAPP: Common Sense, UNcommon Insights

If the name Joe Knapp rings a bell, it will be properly sound coded, categorized, and separated from other plays, since he is the ncer and creator of Musicmaster…the world’s most popular music scheduling system. On the station side, Joe has been a chief engineer, PD and air talent for various stations throughout the midwest including the legendary WZUU FM & AM in Milwaukee. Then, he was challenged to solve a programming problem, and ended up building a better mousetrap…known as Musicmaster!

In this wide-ranging episode, Joe reflects on the reasons he was first drawn to radio, to some of the biggest tech changes he sees on the horizon. He also shares his perspective on how radio is likely to operate in the “new Abnormal” and explores the skill sets that will be needed for success in the future.