#022 – Paige Nienabor – Promote THIS!

By Kipper McGee | 03/15/2017 | Comments Off on #022 – Paige Nienabor – Promote THIS!

If you look up Paige Nienabor in the Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions, you’ll see his picture.  Largely because he WROTE that book among several others!  After groundbreaking stints at stations in Portland, Minneapolis, Charlotte and San Francisco, for the past 20 years he’s been consulting stations around the world on Marketing and Promotions. Paige is…

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#021 – Zach Sang – Radio’s Future is HERE!

By Kipper McGee | 02/20/2017 | Comments Off on #021 – Zach Sang – Radio’s Future is HERE!

If you’re wondering where radio’s future superstars will come from, here’s a hint: ZACH SANG! At a time when most of his contemporaries were choosing other creative outlets to express their talents, Zach believed in radio ─ but with a twist! Like many of his friends, Zach found an out-of-touch medium targeted more for his…

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#020 – Gabe Hobbs – Secrets of a SUPERSTAR Coach

By Kipper McGee | 02/12/2017 | Comments Off on #020 – Gabe Hobbs – Secrets of a SUPERSTAR Coach

Gabe Hobbs is a longtime award-winning radio leader, specializing in spoken word formats for the past 20-plus years. As SVP Programming for Clear Channel Broadcasting, he oversaw 275 News, Talk and Sports stations, and served as in-house advisor to Premiere Radio Networks, where he worked with names you’ll know ranging from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn…

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#019 – Tom Webster – What the INFINITE DIAL Means for YOU

By Kipper McGee | 02/06/2017 | Comments Off on #019 – Tom Webster – What the INFINITE DIAL Means for YOU

  Tom Webster is Vice President of Strategy for Edison Research, perhaps best known as the sole providers of exit polling data during US elections for all the major news networks, and radio’s benchmark INFINITE DIAL STUDY, America’s longest running research series on digital media consumption. This widely-cited study, along with others including The Social Habit, Twitter…

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#018 – Fitz in the Morning/Network Show

By Kipper McGee | 01/23/2017 | Comments Off on #018 – Fitz in the Morning/Network Show

From a kid who would do almost ANYthing to get on the air calling local DJ’s, and started developing his ‘act’ doing humorous PA announcements in grade school, Seattle-based FITZ shares the story of how he got his start, and the steps that lead to his nationally syndicated morning show, distributed by the SBG radio…

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#017 – Dave Smiley, WZPL/Indianapolis

By Kipper McGee | 01/15/2017 | Comments Off on #017 – Dave Smiley, WZPL/Indianapolis

When it comes to top-rated morning shows, most managers will agree that it takes a little bit of ‘crazy’ to create the chemistry, commitment and contageous enthusiasm that keeps a show at the top of the ratings. Few local hosts exemplify this trait ─ and the crucial contol to keep on target more than DAVE…

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#017 – Radio Resolutions for ’17

By Kipper McGee | 01/04/2017 | Comments Off on #017 – Radio Resolutions for ’17

  Complete show notes, including BONUS CONTENT and the EXPANDED PLAY of this interview are available at: www.brandwidthondemand.com

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#015 – Chuck DuCoty – View From The Top

By Kipper McGee | 12/17/2016 | Comments Off on #015 – Chuck DuCoty – View From The Top

If you agree that winning radio starts with having the right people on the team, you’ll DEFINITELY want to hear what NRG Media COO Chuck Ducoty has to say.  Especially as he DEFINES what it takes to BE one of the ‘right people’! We also explore Chuck’s views on what worked so well, we as…

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Valerie Geller – Creating Powerful Radio…and MORE!

By Kipper McGee | 12/11/2016 | Comments Off on Valerie Geller – Creating Powerful Radio…and MORE!

If you haven’t encountered the influence Valerie Geller on the changing mediascape, you’re in for a treat!   If you HAVE had the chance to see her, or the great good fortune of working with her one-on-one, this episode will serve as a GREAT ‘booster shot’ for YOU to Create Powerful Radio. In this episode, Valerie…

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#013 – Steve Goldstein/Amplifi Media – “So, the FUTURE is Here. How to WIN?”

By Kipper McGee | 12/05/2016 | Comments Off on #013 – Steve Goldstein/Amplifi Media – “So, the FUTURE is Here. How to WIN?”

  Steve Goldstein has done it all. Radio stations, networks, co-founder and programming chief for one of America’s most highly-regarded groups.  Now, as founder and CEO of Amplifi media, Steve is focusing his experience and skills on podcasting and other evolving consumer options. In this episode, Steve shares tremendous insights on what ‘living in the…

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