Gene & Julie | Life, Love and Livelihood…(AFTER Radio!)

By Kipper McGee | 10/25/2021 |

THEY’RE MARRIED, WORK TOGETHER AND HAVEN’T KILLED EACH OTHER!When Gene and Julie Gates got married in the middle of Grand Central Terminal, the New York Times covered the story. When Oprah Winfrey heard about them, she booked them on TV. Gene & Julie hosted an award-winning American radio show in markets like Raleigh, Atlanta, San…

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Fred Jacobs Reveals Local Radio’s New SUPERPOWER

By Kipper McGee | 10/18/2021 |

If you’re serious about radio, audio and media as part of your career, chances are you’re familiar with Radio Halll of Famer FRED JACOBS. After a spectacular career in programming, he founded Jacobs Media in the ’80s. With the arrival of digital media in the ’90s, Jacobs pivoted toward new media, starting with nationwide Techsurveys…

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YOUR Pathways to Success – Guest: Loyd Ford

By Kipper McGee | 10/07/2021 |

Loyd Ford has programmed successful radio brands in small, medium, large, and major markets across the U.S. and worked for a wide variety of broadcasters for several decades. His firm, ​Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works offers strategic branding and programming solutions, in a hybrid approach that encourages ratings and revenue success with innovative strategies, ideas, and…

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Guest: Rick Rumble, WNOR, Norfolk | For 25 Years: How his show THRIVES While Others DIVE

By Kipper McGee | 08/30/2021 |

He considers himself an all-pro smack-talker, but after 25 years as morning host at FM99, WNOR, Norfolk, RICK RUMBLE is so much more! He does voiceovers for radio, tv, the internet — maybe even the DVD that comes with your lawn tractor…you name it. Rick’s credits include ESPN, McDonald’s, Ford…and he still finds time to…

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Best Job, NEXT Job – Guest: Rob Barnett

By Kipper McGee | 08/02/2021 |

Veteran broadcaster turned media headhunter ROB BARNETT discloses how the post-pandemic  job-hunting marketplace has changed, and offers valuable tips to job-seekers looking to advance their careers. Learn more HERE. One Minute Martinizing explores Finding the RIGHT Job.

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Back to Radio’s FUTURE – Guests: BJ Shea & Steve Migs, KISW/Seattle

By Kipper McGee | 07/19/2021 |

As we discovered in our VERY FIRST EPISODE, there’s a reason that BJ Shea has become one of America’s iconic morning hosts. At KISW, Seattle with partner Steve MIGS, they did the impossible: replacing Howard Stern and INCREASING THE RATINGS.  Since then, the station has enjoyed dominance at or near the top of the ratings,…

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Bridging Radio’s DISengagement Gap – Guest: Dave Van Dyke, Bridge Ratings Founder & CEO

By Kipper McGee | 06/28/2021 |

Dave Van Dyke was raised in radio, showcasing talents on-air…in programming, sales, marketing and research. For over two decades in some of radio’s top leadership postings such as VP at KCBS/Los Angeles along with senior management positions at Westinghouse, Viacom, Infinity and ABC Radio Networks. As you’ll hear, this guy knows his stuff, and is…

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Rediscovering Radio’s Forgetten Secret Weapon – Guest: Skip Dillard, WBLS & HOT 97, New York

By Kipper McGee | 06/07/2021 |

Skip Dillard is one of America’s top radio execs. He’s worked in Detroit, DC, and San Francisco and recently wrapped up his 12th year as Operations Manager for Emmis/New York, where the legendary WBLS 107.5 is currently ranked Top 3. In addition to radio, Skip served as Top 40 and Urban managing editor for Billboard’s…

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Balancing Budgets, Broadcasting and Babies – Guest: Leigh McNabb, OM Des Moines Radio Group

By Kipper McGee | 05/20/2021 |

It’s something to which many women of young children can relate: balancing work and home life. In fact, today’s guest says she does nothing but work and mom…work and mom. Hard to argue, since Leigh McNabb had her first baby about the time she became OPERATIONS MANAGER for the 10-Brand Des Moines Radio Group. THEN, she…

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In POD we MUST. Guest: Steve Goldstein, Founder & CEO, Amplifi Media

By Kipper McGee | 05/03/2021 |

Steve Goldstein is a recognized leader in audio programming, marketing, and management. As the Founder/CEO of Amplifi Media; an audio innovation firm that offers services such as counseling, production, and marketing of podcasts, Steve serves as an advisor to many companies such as ABC News, NBC Television, Skyview Networks, and Dave Ramsey Media. Steve is…

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