Season II Kickoff: The Best of Morning Show Boot Camp

Time alert: We usually keep episodes to 15 minutes or less, but THIS ONE is so jam-packed with great information, it runs more than a half hour!

The Best of Morning Show Boot Camp brings you highlights from America’s longest running talent symposium. If you were there, this will bring back memories of some great lessons and bits shared.

Missed it? You’re in for a treat — AND a special EXCLUSIVE offer for Brandwidth On Demand listeners (in the show notes at

From TRACY JOHNSON to ACE (Ace & TJ), ALT 98.7/LA host WOODY, Las Vegas morning mainstay MERCEDES and more.

One legend interviews another:  WCBS-FM Morning star SCOTT SHANNON talks with HUBBARD CEO GINNY MORRIS.

And WNOR/Norfolk’s RICK RUMBLE presides over the battle of the bits…IHeart talent sherpa DENNIS CLARK…and more!