For 25 Years: How his show THRIVES While Others DIVE | Guest: Rick Rumble, WNOR, Norfolk

He considers himself an all-pro smack-talker, but after 25 years as morning host at FM99 WNOR, Norfolk, RICK RUMBLE is so much more! He does voiceovers for radio, TV, the internet…and maybe even the DVD that comes with your lawn tractor…you name it.

Rick’s credits include ESPN, McDonald’s, Ford…and he still finds time to write comedy for a service that supplies 600+ radio stations, both domestic and international. Plus, he hosts the annual battle of the bits at the annual morning show boot camp!  He’s that rare combination of immense talent, unmatched work ethic, and exceptional character that makes him one of the best in the business.

Key Takeaways:

    • Rick has worked at some very influential stations, including 25-years hosting mornings at the same station. We ask HOW???
    • As somebody who’s done it, Rick shares tips for anyone replacing an institution, and offers ways to become an even bigger legend yourself?
    • Known for hosting an ‘edgy’ morning show, Rick shares the story behind one of his most outrageous stunts!
    • After 25 years, Rick has outlasted more than a few Program Directors, GM’s ─ and even corporate types. He shares what determines whether a manager is going to be good for you and your show, and conversely, what are some things they SHOULDN’T even THINK of doing?
    • Rick explores the challenges of keeping a heritage morning show relevant for decades and gives his insights on evolving with the times.