Next Job, BEST Job! Guest: Rob Barnett

Rob Barnett is a headhunter, management executive, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. As founder of Rob Barnett Media, he has discovered, hired, and led hundreds of talented creators and executives in senior management roles at MTV, VH1, and Audible/Amazon. After a distinguished programming career, Rob was named President of Programming at CBS Radio before starting his firm.

A digital pioneer, he founded My Damn Channel, one of the first original online studios and networks. Representing diverse careers, companies, and opportunities, Rob's multi-platform content and no-nonsense approach inspires people to define and sell their best professional brand.

For radio people at any career stage, Rob's new book Next Job, BEST Job will save you months of wasted time surfing random job postings and uploading resumes into oblivion. His new process gives you the end-to-end tools to find the work you want. In this episode Rob shares highlights with us!

OMM-151 - Rob Barnett - Jobs-High-Quality