Brandwidth On Demand - Radio Reimagined

Welcome to Brandwidth On Demand!

Every episode, you'll hear from radio's top Programmers, Show Hosts and Media Thought Leaders as they share tips, trade craft and tools for remaining relevant in the ever-evolving mediascape.

Your hosts are 2nd generation broadcaster and veteran manager David Martin and broadcast programming veteran and author of “Brandwidth” Kipper McGee.

David and Kipper's broadcast contacts reads like a who's-who for the entire radio industry. We'd tell you how many years of combined experience they have, but they're both far too modest (plus its a darn big number.) As comfortable in the C-Suite as they are in the studio behind a microphone, their podcasts will take you down the rabbit hole with some of the industry's biggest and best-known names.

You'll get insights from wildly successful radio people who have overcome the bumps in the road to become leaders in the field. And because brevity is the soul of wit, and the hallmark of a great jock break, you'll find each episode to be the perfect "snackable" bite of insight and wisdom from the best in the biz.

The podcast is for you, so feel free to poke around and sample as you see fit. And by all means, please feel to share your feedback and experiences too. Happy Listening!