One Minute Martinizing by David Martin

By Kipper McGee | 03/27/2022 |

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One Minute Martinizing

By Kipper McGee | 02/26/2022 |

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One Minute Martinizing – Plan

By Kipper McGee | 02/12/2022 |

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One-Minute Martinizing – GOALS

By Kipper McGee | 02/01/2022 |
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One-Minute Martizing – Intention

By Kipper McGee | 01/16/2022 |
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One Minute Martinizing – Habits

By Kipper McGee | 01/08/2022 |
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HOLIDAY BONUS: How to become a PERSONALITY MAGNET in ’22 Guest: Tracy Johnson

By Kipper McGee | 12/15/2021 |

This time, noted morning show coach and consultant TRACY JOHNSON offers some great resolutions for you to build a better radio show in 2022, and also has a tremendous special on his PERSONALITY MAGNET show prep service. In this edition of ONE MINUTE MARTINIZING, Dave Martin also explores the dimension of LIFE PREP! We hope…

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#156 – Kelly & Wood Reveal How to Break Through in a Shadow Market

By Kipper McGee | 11/06/2021 |

If you ask Kelly Jordan why he got into radio, he’ll say ‘he wanted to be famous and his backup dancing career didn’t work out. His morning partner Matt Wood will say ‘he has no other skills’. Clearly neither is the case. In addition to being the morning team at Leighton’s rapidly rising WILD COUNTRY…

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One Minute Martining – Attitude

By Kipper McGee | 10/25/2021 |

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For 25 Years: How his show THRIVES While Others DIVE | Guest: Rick Rumble, WNOR, Norfolk

By Kipper McGee | 08/29/2021 |

He considers himself an all-pro smack-talker, but after 25 years as morning host at FM99 WNOR, Norfolk, RICK RUMBLE is so much more! He does voiceovers for radio, TV, the internet…and maybe even the DVD that comes with your lawn tractor…you name it. Rick’s credits include ESPN, McDonald’s, Ford…and he still finds time to write…

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